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Prices & Times:

Breakfast Club - Breakfast included - £6.00 per day


After School Club Short Session - Includes a snack - £6.50 per day


After School Club Long Session - Includes snack & cold meal - £12.50 per day


After School Club Late Session - Includes cold meal - £9.00 per day


To Register and make a booking please click below:



Happy Times School Club offer 2 ways of booking:

Contract Bookings


  • These are for children who want to attend the Club on a regular basis and on the same days every week.

  • Children are automatically booked in for those same days, every month on an ongoing basis (until parents wish to cancel or change their contract)

  • Payment is made in advance on a monthly basis.

  • Parents receive an automatic invoice/bill to pay on a around the 22nd of the preceding month (for example the October invoice/bill is sent on around the 22nd of September and so on).

  • It is best to wait for the invoice to be is issued before paying so it can be seen how much needs to be paid as this may vary on a month by month basis.

  • Contract Bookings can be made by selecting the ‘Request a New Contract’ button on the Welcome page of the online Parents Account.


'Ad-hoc' bookings

  • ‘Ad-hoc’ Bookings can be used to book places on a ‘As and When required’ basis.

  • Booking dates are usually available for the whole all of the Term.

  • Payment will be asked for at the time of making the booking.

  • ‘Ad-hoc’ Bookings can be made by selecting the ‘Start a New Booking’ button (below the Contract button) on the Welcome page of the online Parents Account.

Parents are able to use a combination of both Contract Bookings and ‘Ad-hoc’ Bookings if required, in case they need to book extra sessions/days.


Payment methods:

  • we accept all major Debit and Credit card payments using the “Stripe” merchant service

  • we accept Direct Debit payments using the GoCardless service

  • we accept Childcare Vouchers & the Tax-Free Childcare Schemes

If you require help Registering an Account and making bookings please do not hesitate to contact Surjit Bains, Club Manager on 07359 453398 or email to

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