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About Us


We are situated in the grounds of Alfred Sutton Primary School.

We use policies and procedures as per Ofsted guidelines. Please see the Policies page for details of these.


Our Ofsted Registration number is: 2682815

We offer:


A Breakfast Club between the hours of 7:30am and 8:45am


An After School Club between the hours of 3:10pm and 6pm

The aims of Happy Times School Club are:


  • To provide safe wraparound care environment where children get the chance to both relax and take part in a selection of fun games and activities


  • To provide a service to meet a community need

  • To provide children a healthy and nutritional snack every morning and afternoon, made up of fresh fruit or vegetables and a carbohydrate (e.g. cereal, toast, wraps etc)


  • To let children have fun and become confident, supported by our caring and committed team


  • To promote values •  Perseverance • Independence• Belonging • Collaboration • Reflection

  •  Good Manners • Respect


Activities are always varied, planned and tailored keeping children's ideas in mind. The club offers a wide range of activities including physical activities, team-building, role play, free play arts and crafts, educational learning using resources such as puzzles, small world toys, construction toys and board games.


If you would like your child to complete homework during Club time, we can offer a quiet area to facilitate this.


Happy Times Club staff will endeavour to:


  • encourage play opportunities using different environments and resources to promote every child’s imagination and natural exploration.


  • support exploration in a supervised and controlled way, explaining dangers of what might happen in certain situations and always steering children away from unacceptable risk.


  • Our procedures and staff training are designed to promote a safe ‘can do’ approach, not to create a cotton wool environment, thus providing your child a variety of different experiential learning activities.


Club Manager: Surjit Bains 


Playwork Level 5

CCLD Level 2

Childcare Assessor Level 4

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